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Coaching with Eduard

Career Coach
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Eduard is a focus-oriented person and his patience and structured way of working can recommend him for effective results.


Roxana Badea, Project Manager, Romania


I had coaching with Eduard Lopez. This was a phenomenal learning experience. First of all, he is very holistic and explores your issues from a whole person perspective. He asked the right questions that led me to very insightful perspectives about my own life and areas I had been focusing on. Eduard has a very gentle and non-judgemental personality that makes speaking with him easy and fun. I came away with areas to work on that were very positive and made me feel empowered. Thank you, Eduard!! 


Amanda Henry, Primary School Teacher, UK



We had a problem with our standardized approach to Customer Satisfaction: who and how would define clear roles and responsibilities. 


To solve the problem we engaged the main contributors in relation with KERO Customers in creative discussions, We conducted training sessions and workshops with teams directly involved with our Customers. We reviewed examples from our daily activity to understand what's good or bad, roles and responsibilities for each team member, and different scenarios and examples from our daily activity directly related to contact or communication with Customers. 


The benefits for our organization has been: (1) Clear procedures and standardization, (2) cultivate better the organization, (3) changing Kimball Electronics Romania perception from Customers, and (4) recognizing CUSTOMER FIRST, we learned, by being in the “customer's shoes”, that we should do different things vs our competitors to let our Customers know they are in the best place to do business, and felt protected doing business with us. To recognize what Customers need, and to protect them doing what they deserve and transferring the comfort from KERO to CUSTOMER.

During the whole process, Eduard created a very good atmosphere to be in, and an environment where we had a feeling that THE CUSTOMER IS HERE!

Dan Copocean, General Manager Kimball Electronics Romania


I met Eduard while working as an Operations Manager at Eberspäecher Romania, and I can say that he took me and the management team to a new level. The transition from GOOD to GREAT is sometimes difficult and we all entered the tunnel hoping that the lights we see are not a train going in our direction. 


At that moment, we asked Eduard for help and our friendship and mentoring from his side is present even now. Eduard is a leader's best ally when it comes to Career Transformation and strengthening a leader's career curve, by aligning both his clients' personal and business values. His engineering background allows Eduard to structure his coaching process with one goal, help his clients get results in a sustainable way.

Eduard prioritize people connectivity in his management style, which as effect of that, keep the team focused on their priorities and deliverables, guiding the teams and processes to achieve the targeted direction and strategy. He sets a clear Strategy with his Team, ensures they understand their roles, supports them to grow with coaching and mentoring, and helps them to plan to achieve their goals.

As a person he is open, trustworthy, honest and reliable, a true example of a friend, colleague and leader. He has strong skills on communication, feedback and teamwork. Empowered and passionate to lead people to see things and reflect in their process gaps, instead of managing saying "do it", he effectively manages by using his traditional and almost standard coaching questions, such as: "What is our target? Where are we now? What did you plan last? What was the change, result, learning? What is your next try?".

These coaching questions are always convenient and adopted according to the different scenarios and maturity of people, allowing his employees to turn "I have to do it" into "I want to do it", transforming a task into something much more meaningful. His coaching experience definitely helps to build great teams, fruits of his professional coaching classes.

I highly recommend Eduard to any Leader on the path to career transformation!
He is the type of person you can count on. He would be a valuable asset to anyone looking to hire him for personal growth and career transformation. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him and he is VERY good at what he does. Eduard is your go-to person if you are looking for someone in career transformation dedicated to their craft.

All the best for the future Eduard, “Success and growth is only possible if you break personal barriers, you have time and time again overcome all challenges you have been faced with”, it has been great to have been part of your “path” so far.

Amir Fatkic - Operations Manager Eberspaecher Group Romania

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