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Coaching with Eduard

Leadership Coach
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  • Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation.

  • Certified Instructor by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

  • Master Industrial Engineer by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

  • Master in Accounting and Finances by E.O.I.

Eduard Lopez, MSc, ACC

Experienced Corporate Business & Operations professional



"Whatever I do, I do it with Integrity and Authenticity, and I believe that any person can achieve all she wants following the same values. I envision a world operating on the basis of mutual help and respect.


The way I demonstrate my Integrity and Authenticity is by showing myself at my very best on all my Client interactions, continually investing on my knowledge and skills, and providing free support for those who cannot afford personal coaching.


To realize my vision, I create personalized coaching programs, where Clients are motivated and inspired to make their professional career a fulfillment experience. I coach individuals who want to overcome challenging situations and succeed in achieving their goals with less stress and calmer confidence."


I was born in a small town in Spain to a low-middle class family. Having my parents completed only basic schooling, they managed to be able to save for my University where I got the MSc degree in Engineering.


I have developed my entire professional career in Multinational companies, from his early days when I joined IBM’s ranks as a junior professional, right after College.


IBM’s crisis in the 1990s opened a new world of challenges and opportunities where the real Professional and Personal growth started. Always part of big Corporations, succeeding in dynamic and challenging environments was only possible through sustained Peak Performance individuals and teams.


Considered as one of my best decisions in life, I developed my career in three different countries, getting to know how to successfully integrate the cultural differences into both team and individual performance.


Knowing how hard is developing a career without experienced advice and support, my Mission has become helping people to move their careers forward in a way that will fulfill their personal interests and goals.

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