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Human 4 Human Consulting: A Typical Client Case Study.

Client's initial situation:

- Manager with strong technical skills

- Not able to motivate his Team

- High employee turnover (specially high performers)

- Stressful environment, always pushing for results

- Not consistently achieving his objectives

- Very poor work-life balance

Actions he previously took:

- Lot of money spent in trainings for him and his team

- Constant ‘speeches’ on what his team ‘should’ do

- Striving for more budget to ‘pay’ his Team better

Our implemented solution:

- Assess the situation with our Client and his manager

- Identify three critical areas for improvement

- Develop a personalized plan

- Assign a personal industry-experienced coach

- Involve his main Stakeholders for support

- 6-month work with our proprietary LeadUp Program.

Measurable Results:

- Improved Employee satisfaction by 30%

- Improved Employee turnover by 50%

- Improved main KPIs by 25%

Would such a situation resonate with your environment?

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