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Human 4 Human Consulting: A Typical Client Case Study.

Our Client, Head of Technology of a multinational company who was developing the European center, contacted us because of how challenging meeting his organizations' targets had been for him over the previous two years.

He was a technical reference in his organization, very well respected and trusted to develop the technical skills in his European Site, where he had hired the best candidates they found in the market.

Despite these favorable conditions, he was not able to meet his targets, and his personal effort was starting affecting his private life.

This is the summary of our work together and the results he got:

Client's initial situation:

- Manager with strong technical skills

- Not able to motivate his Team

- High employee turnover (specially high performers)

- Stressful environment, always pushing for results

- Not consistently achieving his objectives

- Very poor work-life balance

Actions he previously took:

- Lots of money spent in trainings for him and his team

- Constant ‘speeches’ on what his team ‘should’ do

- Striving for more budget to ‘pay’ his Team better

Our implemented solution:

- Assess the situation with our Client and his manager

- Identify three critical areas for improvement

- Develop a personalized plan

- Assign a personal industry-experienced coach

- Involve his main Stakeholders for support

- 6-month work with our proprietary LeadUp Program.

Measurable Results:

- Improved Employee satisfaction by 30%

- Improved Employee turnover by 50%

- Improved main KPIs by 25%

Would such a situation resonate with your environment?


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