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Leadership Coaching Program

Deepen Your Ability to Manage Yourself and Others and

Embark on a Transformative Journey That Elevates Your Leadership Skills, Mindset, and Results.


Most managers jump into leadership roles after demonstrating a high degree of competency in their professional expertise.


They are promoted because they are responsible, accountable, trusted professionals who are adding value to the organization by solving problems.


However, high technical competency is not a key skill to manage and lead a group of individuals.


Those situations translate into managers not being able to achieve results with their teams: creating demotivation, lack of alignment, micromanagement, unnecessary stress, and confusion, which ends up in


  • low levels of results,

  • high employee rotation,

  • low employee development, and

  • impacts on Customer satisfaction.

"Managing and Leading a team requires a completely different set of skills that are not taught during formal education."

Hallway Entrance

Introducing: LeadUp - Leadership Coaching Program. A Powerful, Practical, Progressive Path to Become a Successful Manager in Your Organization. 

Build the Foundation and Accelerate Your Growth as a Manager with Continuous Coaching by an Experienced Business Leader.

Unlock World-Class Management Excellence, Establish Your Leadership Style, Gain Perspective from Other Experienced Leaders, Follow a Structured Journey to Develop Your Leadership Skills, Increase Your Confidence, and Elevate Your Level of Results. 

Program Snapshot

1 year
online, group & 1:1
up to 10 participants
Why Now
Program Details
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Level 1: Fundamentals. 


Set up yourself for success on your management and leadership career by putting in place the foundations you can build on.


Either you are a new in managerial roles, or you have been leading teams for some time, this level will provide you with valuable ideas, tools, and techniques that will help your future development.


Level 2: Confident.


Start managing and leading without effort by becoming increasingly aware of your capabilities and creating your own way to achieve results with your team.


Develop and improve additional leadership skills that will help increase people motivation and engagement, and add value to the business.


Level 3: Advanced.


Align your team to a common vision, sponsor change initiatives, be a role model for others, and develop a high-performance culture.


Become a reference leader in your organization and Community. 


Each module touches on four different Focus Areas you have to consider developing if you really want to become a successful leader:



Discover and improve yourself as the person behind the leader: your strengths and weaknesses, your personal goals, your gaps, and your current development plan.

As a leader, you have to develop new and different skills. Working on yourself towards developing them is mandatory.

Drive Business Results.

Managers and Leaders are there to deliver the results the organization needs to survive and prosper. 

Only understanding the business you are in is not enough, but applying proven techniques to facilitate the achievement of these results by your team will make a huge difference.


Develop and Grow Individuals.

We conduct our activity in a dynamic environment, and we cannot get a sustainable level of results if we do not continue developing our team.


Knowing and growing your team members becomes a priority for any successful manager.

Create a High-Performing Team. 

Results come from the team, and a team is a complex reality.


Our success as a manager will come by creating the conditions to develop a high-performing team and Culture.

Like Baking a Cake...

Effective Management and Leadership involve the development and application of different skills at the right time and with the right measures.

Similar to "baking a cake":


1. Learn the basic recipe that's proven to work for others,

2. modify it to your liking to get the best result for you.



Progressive learning through levels of competency running across the four key development areas (Self-Awareness, Business Results, Develop Individuals, and Team Performance).

No-nonsense, practical lessons and exercises designed for immediate application in your work environment.

Live sessions conducted by coaches with 40 years of combined leadership experience.

Group live sessions combined with 1:1 coaching and mentoring sessions to ensure personalized support and facilitate implementation. 

Monthly Mastermind sessions with open discussions on real-case scenarios.

What Makes This Program Unique?


On Completion of This Program You’ll Walk Away With:

Improved self-awareness: gain a deeper understanding of your strengths, weaknesses, and leadership style.

Boost confidence: become a more assured and effective leader.

Increased Emotional Intelligence: Better understand and manage your, and your team's emotions.

Tools and frameworks to refine your personal leadership purpose, in alignment with the purpose of your organization.

Create the foundation for higher client satisfaction and business performance.

Gain efficiency in the way your team works and achieve results.

Implement business best practices to gain market leverage.

Set up the optimum way of working to drive employee performance and motivation.

Equip yourself with critical leadership skills to grow your team, such as developing trust, providing effective feedback, and dealing with difficult people.

Increase employee engagement: inspire and motivate your team to achieve their full potential.

Acquire knowledge and skills to lead your team effectively, like communication, delegation, conflict resolution, and inspiring others.

Build stronger relationships: foster trust and collaboration within your team.

What Leaders We Worked With Say...



"His engineering background allows Eduard to structure his coaching process with one goal, help his clients get results in a sustainable way."


Amir Fatkic

"[Eduard] took me and the management team to a new level"

Natural Light Portrait_edited.jpg

Ben Roman

"Eduard is a focus-oriented person, and his patience and structured way of working can recommend him for effective results"

Plus Two Special Bonuses When you Join Today!

Bonus 1: 

A hard copy of the book (mailed to your address)

"Becoming a Professional Human Being", 

by our long-time coach and mentor,  Jim Bagnola.

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Bonus 2: 

Complimentary three (3) Career Coaching sessions with Codruta Bala, a Certified Career coach and an experienced leader on the area of Human Resources.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may consider enrolling in our leadership coaching program if you:

  • Are looking to enhance your leadership skills,

  • Desire personalized guidance,

  • Seek to improve your team's performance,

  • Are committed to growth and self-improvement.

How do I know this program is for me?

We strongly recommend you to attend all the live sessions so you can make the most of it in the “class”. We suggest you block your calendar for the following sessions. If you can’t attend one, you’ll have access to the recordings.

What if I can’t attend all the live sessions?

The program requires an attendance of 5 hours per month (group live sessions: 3 hours; 1:1 coaching sessions: 1 hour; live group Q&A session: 1 hour). On top of this, it’s the time needed for implementation in your workplace which depends on you how much you want to dedicate to that.

What will be my time commitment required?

Developing the skills is a long process and requires commitment. Nevertheless, we understand that you may not see the impact on you immediately so we offer you a 30 days money back guarantee after the starting date. 

What happens if I don’t see the value?

Let's Recap What You'll Get:

Full 12-month Leadership Program

​1.5-hour bi-weekly group live sessions

1-hour monthly Mastermind group session

1-hour monthly individual coaching sessions

Practical easy-to-implement ideas

Delivered by business-experienced coaches

Total of 60 development hours


Bonus 1: Hard copy of "Becoming a Professional Human Being", by Jim Bagnola.


Bonus 2: Career coaching sessions (x3) with Codruta Bala.

LeadUp - Leadership Coaching Program

Full Price: € 4,750


Introductory Offer

Flexible payment options available.

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