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When Is The Best Time to Make a Change in Your Life?

Do you consider that your job a very important part of your world?

Indeed, our family is the most important part of our world, as per the opinion of the majority of individuals. But there is no question that the activity we do all day long to provide for us and our families conditions the rest of our life.

The way we approach our work is going to create a significant impact (positive or negative) in our lives and that of the people around us.

Many people decide to approach it as a 'necessary' obligation that cannot be satisfying, but something we have to go through because of our need to 'make money'. Work is work and, all the joy IS outside our work, like family, hobbies, other interests, rest, etc.

Taken this as a life-long approach, we are conditioning our attitude forever. Work will never be interesting, fulfilling or motivating. It's something we have to do. Period. And, if we do it, even not being happy and complaining, we are doing our part in this world.

Are there other ways of looking at it? Of course, there are.

Work on what we like

I had a friend that started playing for a professional soccer team in Spain. He was below 18 and I remember him telling me about his experience, sharing the bench with well-known professional soccer players and with a world-champion soccer coach.

Despite the competition was tough, the constant traveling on weekends, the hard training routines regardless the weather conditions, despite the strict diet and healthy life-style, I remember him saying that the best part of it was that he was paid very well and did not have to work. He was doing what he always liked.

For many other people who never liked playing soccer, this would have been considered a tough work, with tiring trips, away from family on weekends or holidays, and continuously being on the spotlight with no tolerance to even the slightest mistake.

Sport professionals have to perform at their best, regardless. And the best part: they do not complain since they like what they do.

What if you would be in that situation? How would this approach towards work change your life?

Starting with a Decision

I recognized I was there. I asked this question to me many times. I knew what I loved to do but, it was never the proper time. Until I took a decision.

Turning what you have to do to make a living into something you love is probably one of the best decisions you can take in your life.

The decision does not mean to abandon your career now and put at risk your lifestyle and that of your family's.

A decision means to:

  1. clarify what you really love doing,

  2. give yourself an objective,

  3. make a plan,

  4. start surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals, and

  5. get the support you need from a person who can hold you accountable.

There are small actions that will, on the long run, take you to a different place. Life a plane that changes one-tenth of a degree on its flying course will land on a different country after an intercontinental flight.

Life is a long-distance race. Small changes will translate into big different scenarios. The sooner we make these changes, the smoother and less disruptive (or traumatic) changing process we will go through.

I'm sure that, when thinking about how much (or less) you enjoy what you do, the thought of 'it's not time now' popped up in your head when considering a change. So, in most of the cases, the decision has been to compromise and accept your fate.

Maybe you have in mind what you'd really love to do, even you dreamed of a plan to abandon your current job and starting something different. That would mean you are more advanced on this process of living a more fulfilling life than most of the people.

But, until you take the decision and start following the five steps described above, nothing will change. Your dream will be just this, a dream. And your environment and circumstances will pull you back to where you are today.

I encourage you to give a serious thought about this simple process and start taking small but consistent changes which will allow you to land on a totally different place as your life will unfold.

To answer the question: The right time is NOW.


If you feel you would need support to move on this process, you can contact me here for a totally free, no strings attached, personalized 90-minutes coaching session, or check Eduard's Coaching Program for more details.


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