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What You Can Learn From Driving In Fog

Video Transcript.

What you can see behind me is real fog.

It's not any trick that I did when editing this video in my studio. It's real fog.

There is a river here that you cannot see.

By walking this morning, there is a thought that came to my mind that I wanted to share with you.

The thought is the following...

What do you usually do when you are driving in fog?

Well, we usually slow down... turn on our lights...

...and, focus more on the road as we usually do on a clear day.

Well, if you're like me, for sure you'll have had many foggy days in your life.

Those days where we don't have clearly a sense of purpose

We don't ... we think that everything we do goes on the wrong direction...

... things turn out on the wrong way

we start getting negative thoughts and doubts about ourselves about what we do

and so on... And, what do usually people do in those situations?

They stop!!

They allow that external environment, external foggy environment for them, to stop!

and they quit on what they are doing.

They just find explanations, rational explanations about...

... I should quit because of this because of that.

So, my challenge to you would be for you to remember

whenever you face one of these foggy days

(that you will recognize immediately) to think about the situation

when you are driving your car:

Slow down, turn on your lights -your attention-

focus more on the road -on what you do- but never stop !!

you can create an accident with your car if you stop in the middle of the fog.

Never stop! Keep moving!

and, the sooner you'll realize the fog will have raised

and you will see clearly the road again.

So, hopefully, you will remember this story and it will be useful for you.

Again, thank you, and have a great day


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