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How to Deliver Effective Feedback. Helpful Habits for Best Results (3)

Delivering effective feedback is one of the most critical skills any Manager or Leader should attempt to master.

To deliver feedback in an effective and impactful way, we must work on ourselves, and transform into habits some specific behaviors that influence the whole process.

In this video, I share the third simple step we should start practicing as preparation of our delivering feedback effectively: the ability to be specific in our conversations and address one topic at a time.

To your growth and success.



We have already discussed about the two first habits we have to develop to provide effective feedback: one is the ability to listen without judging the situation, and the other one is to be conscious about the space and time that is the best to provide that feedback for that feedback to be the most impactful.

We have today the third habit we have to develop in ourselves, in our behavior, to be able to integrate into the process of delivering effective feedback, and it's the habit of being specific.

When we are in a situation where we are not comfortable with, or we are not in agreement and we want to provide feedback to somebody else, we tend to generalize, we tend to talk about different things in the same conversation. To provide effective feedback we have to be specific and nail down all the conversation to only one subject, and the subject is the one that we are talking about, the one that we want to address in that conversation.

So, in your daily interactions try to see, when you speak with other people, to be specific about one topic at a time and not try to cover many topics in the same sitting, in the same conversation.

This is a habit that we tend to group things, we tend to generalize, we tend to talk about many different things, thinking that we are more effective. The reality is the opposite. We need to identify and talk about one topic at a time.

So in your daily interactions be specific and try to see how you get better at this habit of being specific because if you don't provide effective feedback you will leave your organization frozen as the weather we have here.

Take care and talk to you soon.


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