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How to Deliver Effective Feedback. Helpful Habits for Best Results (2)

Delivering effective feedback is one of the most critical skills any Manager or Leader should attempt to master.

To deliver feedback in an effective and impactful way, we must work on ourselves, and transform into habits some specific behaviors that influence the whole process.

In this video, I share the second simple step we should start practicing as a preparation of our delivering feedback effectively: the ability to choose the best moment and place for our feedback to be more impactful..

To your growth and success.



Video Transcript

Today we are talking about the second habit that we need to create in ourselves for our feedback to be impactful, to be effective. And this is the ability to choose the best moment for us to deliver that feedback.

The theory is telling us that when we provide feedback, our feedback has to be as close in time as possible to the event we are talking about. So our feedback will be much more effective if we talk about something that happened yesterday versus something that happened six months ago. We know that. The thing is, do we choose the proper moment to deliver that feedback?

And I say proper moment in two different aspects.

One aspect is the physical place when we deliver the feedback and the other one is the emotional state where both of us are when we deliver our feedback.

Talking about the physical place, you have to choose a place where both of you are comfortable. You are not interrupted, you're not in a hurry. It's not a place that scares the other person, like maybe your office, that shows your hierarchy, your status in the organization.

So, choose the proper place for both of you to be comfortable.

And related to the emotional state, wait for the moment where both of you are in a positive state. Use the moment where both of you are neither tired, nor still affected by what happened the day before. So wait a little bit and choose that moment as close as possible to the event, but where you see that yourself and the other person are in the best mental and emotional state for that feedback to be received as you want it to be received.

So you have now plenty of time, plenty of meetings where you are, for sure, providing feedback to your spouse, to your kids, to some of your relatives. So start thinking what would be the best moment for me to say what I want to say for that to be effective and impactful?

Think about this and start practicing.

Without that practice, you will never master, in your profession, to deliver an effective feedback when you really will need to do that.

Thank you very much for listening. Hopefully you will start implementing and following these exercises that are vitally important for you to develop those new skills and habits.

Take care, Talk to you soon.


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