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How to Deliver Effective Feedback. Helpful Habits for Best Results (1)

Delivering effective feedback is one of the most critical skills any Manager or Leader should attempt to master.

To deliver feedback in an effective and impactful way, we must work on ourselves, and transform into habits some specific behaviors that influence the whole process.

In this video, I share the first simple step we should start practicing as a preparation of our delivering feedback effectively: observing the way we tend to react by default.

To your growth and success.



Video Transcript

I don't think I'm discovering anything new to you if I say that providing effective feedback is one of those key skills any manager or leader should attempt to master.

Because the reality is that we are not good at providing effective feedback. No matter how many good books you have read, how many trainings you have attended, when the moment comes, we don't do that naturally. And we feel awkward ourselves and the person in front of us.

My purpose over the next few days is to break down this process; break down the process into a set of tiny skills that we have to master. We have to translate skill into habit. So, when the moment comes to provide effective feedback, we are well-prepared to do that step in an effective and impactful way.

Today, I would like to start with the first skill, the first habit we have to start mastering and to start mastering it we need to just observe ourselves. So the first habit is observe the situation without judgment.

Usually, when we are in a situation we are not in agreement with, or we are upset because something has happened not meeting our expectations, we react emotionally. To provide the effective feedback, we can't do it while in that state. We need to start detaching ourselves emotionally from the situation that is surrounding us, and it is not easy.

What I'm asking you is just to observe yourself.

So, over the next few days, during your social interactions, just observe yourself. How do you feel, act, or react when a situation around you is not pleasant, or you are not in agreement with? The objective here would be not to react emotionally, but just to observe without attachment. It may mean making some comments, changing conversation, observing, being curious and asking some question, but not getting involved emotionally.

And the only way to convert that into a habit is to do that over and over again. So I would challenge you, if you're with me here, with that first habit: observe without attachment, without being emotionally attached to the situation and let see what will happen.

I would like to hear your comments about how well, or bad, this exercise is going for you. Take care, talk to you soon.


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