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Customer Experience at Kimball Electronics

Best-in-class Design Through Teamwork.

We are proud to have partnered with Kimball Electronics Romania on the project

CX TO GO: Customer Oriented Organization’.

The Project started with three areas in mind:

  1. A full awareness campaign dedicated to create a customer oriented organization at all levels in the organization

  2. Setting the standards in critical areas like communication with Customer, presentation skills, response to Customer requests, etc.

  3. Practical Training sessions on how to design a specific Customer Experience.

After an important kick-off opening from the Leadership team side, four customer focus teams have worked for several weeks on their specific proposals to design the best in class experience in relationship with their Customers. After different scenarios of the best in class design, the Leaders of the four working groups are stepping into the next implementation steps: working together and emerging an unique approach on Customer Experience in a specific type of situation.

The training represented a development area with two critical pillars of the company success:

  • Customer satisfaction

  • Teamwork

I want to personally thank all the participants for their personal engagement and value-add to the process, and to the Site Leadership Team, for their continuous commitment in raising the bar inside the organization!

I am honored that I had the opportunity for several months to guide the participants through Customer Experience journey and, in the same time, it was the kind of development program in which myself have learned and had the opportunity to enrich my approach!

Thank you, Kimball Electronics TEAM!


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