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3 Powerful Benefits I Got From Coaching

Coaching has been proved as the most effective tool to facilitate personal transformation and to achieve goals faster.

Despite all the evidence available, still many Managers and Leaders in organizations are not using coaching to increase the performance and, therefore, results in their organizations.

Out of the countless benefits you can get by working with a coach, I'm sharing in this video my top three personal benefits I got from coaching.

To your growth and success.



Video Transcript

Despite the fact that coaching is a proven and powerful tool that will accelerate your transformation and will get you closer to your goals much faster, and, despite the fact that every single professional who wants to increase his or her level of performance work with coaches (and we have plenty of evidence here).

We have evidence in the area of sports, acting, music, public speaking... all these professionals who want to increase his level of performance work with coaches.

Despite all that, still many managers and leaders in organizations consider coaching a cost rather than an investment to increase the performance of their teams and their organizations, and achieving better results.

The list of benefits that you will get by working with a coach is really huge and trying to provide here today an exhaustive list is a pretty daunting task, so my objective today would be a much humbler one, that is, I would like to provide you with my personal top three benefits that I got when I started working with a coach.

Benefit number one is the POWER OF CLARITY.

We need to be clear on what we want, because all of us think that we know what we want.

You just need to ask around you, and ask the people around you: "What do you want?" and you will see the type of answers that you will get: not very specific and clear answers...

“I want more money, I want more freedom, I want to be happier, I want to get promoted..”

But if we want to hit a target we want to be clear about the target.

So working with a coach will help you to define clear and specific goals, but not only defining the goals,

he will help you to be clear on why you want to achieve this goal, which other areas in your life will benefit by you working on that goal, and which other areas may be affected or impacted by you working on that goal, which obstacles you will have to overcome to achieve that goal, which resources will be around you, which other things will help you or will hinder you in your work towards that goal...

So you have to be clear on all these things and a coach will help you to get that clarity, the clarity that you will need.

And, how is this happening? Why or how you will get that clarity?

Well the reality is that the safe environment that is created between you and your coach is what will make the difference. So you will have in front of you a person whose only objective is you to be successful, and the space created between you and him is the one that will help all these things to come to the surface, and to be clear for you and useful in your achieving your goals.

So the first benefit that I got is being clear on what I wanted.

When I started working with a coach I thought I knew what I wanted and after a short period of time I changed different pieces and I got more clear on many others, so that is critical if you want to achieve your goal.


We all have a perspective about different things, and the perspective comes from our thoughts and we, as a rational beings, we think that we can think whatever we want -and this is the reality-

We can think whatever we want, but studies show that our thoughts are the same, on an 80 percent, day by day. So we are thinking more than 80% of the thoughts we think today will be repeated tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. Because the thoughts, our thoughts, are driven by our beliefs: what we believe about something is what creates the way we think about that something.

So if we want to achieve a goal that we never achieved before we need to change our beliefs, we need to change our perspective on how we see things around us, so we can see things differently: more ideas, more course of actions, more coincidences will come to us in the moment we change the way we see things.

So the coach will help you to change your perspective.

Because you will have in front of you a person with experience, and a person who will share his own perspective, will share his own intuition, and this perception, intuition, and experience together with

yours will create a powerful match that will help you to see many things that you don't see today.

So this is the second real power that you will get by working with a coach.

And the third benefit that I want to share with you today is the POWER OF ACCOUNTABILITY.

When you are trying to do something new, when you want to achieve something that you don't know how to solve or how to do it today you will have to do things that you never did before, and you will be afraid to fail, so there will be many days when you will procrastinate, you will not play full out, you will think that it's better not to try that way because I'm not sure about the results.

And it's in those moments when you need to be accountable to somebody else.

If a coach will hold you accountable on what you have agreed during your relationship during your sessions, so that will keep you moving even in those moments when you feel that you will not move or you would not move.

In my case, just thinking that every Wednesday I have to meet my coach, that pushes me to finish what I committed to do in front of my coach the previous week. It's that I don't want to lose the trust that my coach has on me.

The coaching relationship is a relationship based on trust; so if you don't trust your coach better you change your coach.

And because you don't want to lose your credibility you will do more things if somebody holds you accountable, and that somebody is, the best somebody, is your coach.

So these are my three top benefits.

Now, if you're a Manager or Leader in your organization and you would like your employees to have more clarity about their goals and about their role in the company,

or you would like them to change the perspective about the environment, about the their own attitude,

or you would you would like to have somebody that holds them accountable for what they have

committed and what they have to do

in this case, working with a coach will bring you huge benefits.

If you would like to keep that conversation alive and you would like to talk to me about that

please schedule a call. And if you would like to receive every month information about leadership and management, please go ahead and subscribe to our Newsletter, and you will get all the information that you will need to be a more successful manager or leader in your organization.

Thank you very much for listening today. Take care.


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