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Inspire Your Audience

Move Your Teams Into Action


The Quality of our results cannot be higher than the Quality of the motivation, inspiration, and cooperation of our teams. Eduard will bring the conversation around performance and accountability and why the individuals in the organization are the cornerstones of sustained success.


He will combine time-proven ideas with science-based theories that will create a personal sense of mission and purpose, leading to inspiring thoughts and practical actions steps to move forward. 

Why Eduard

Eduard Lopez has been building and leading teams in big, global-leading organizations for over 20 years. His friendly and enthusiastic style, together with real-life stories and people-centered approach, inspires audiences and provide a solid framework to rethink about our individual roles in personal and organizational success.


Eduard is open to engaging in different speaking formats to maximize the impact within your organization.

" I heard Eduard speaking on Thomas Conference on conflict resolution and I must admit there is no better speaker on this topic than him, given his extensive experience in high-performance team management. What I liked most about his style is his the way he shares very practical and applicable, tested knowledge in an extremely relaxed and calm manner. His critical perspective combined with an infectious passion and vision for successful projects makes Eduard one of the top of the game speakers on individual and team performance."


Oana Mudura. Brand Manager KOOLT Communications.

What You Will Get

Fully customize your speaking event by working with us well in advance so we can craft together the best experience for your employees.

Before the event
  • We will work with your team to perfectly understand the purpose of the event and your desired take-aways.

  • We will provide a sketch of the session to be openly discussed and agreed.

  • We will take care of the promotion of the event (if requested).

During the event
  • Delight your audience with a fully-aligned message.

  • Add Q&A time to expand on any topic.

  • We can schedule a separate workshop at the end to make a practical experience on the related topic.

After the event
  • Connect and provide future support on social media.

  • Eduard will address specific areas requested by the audience to be expanded or clarified.

Start the Conversation

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