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Customer Experience Management

Make Your Customers Love You


The reason of existence for any organization is to serve its Customers. Without Customers, business would not exist. How do you make sure your Customers are served properly? 


The challenge for many organizations is that front-line employees don't either understand their Customer-serving role, or they are not supported by the rest of the organization's behavior to make their work count.

The experience our Clients have with our organization largely depends on the behavior of our employees. Understanding and developing across the organization the proper behaviors will make the difference between you and your competition.

Design the Customer eXperience (CX) you want to offer and guide your teams to excel at it, so you will become the preferred choice in the market.

What Clients Say


Dan Copocean

General Manager
Kimball Electronics Romania

We had a problem with our standardized approach to Customer Satisfaction: who and how would define clear roles and responsibilities.  To solve the problem we engaged the main contributors concerning KERO Customers in creative discussions.


We conducted training sessions and workshops with teams directly involved with our Customers. We reviewed examples from our daily activity to understand what's good or bad, the roles and responsibilities of each team member, and different scenarios and examples from our daily activity directly related to contact or communication with Customers. 


We learned, by being in the “customer's shoes”, that we should do different things vs our competitors to let our Customers know they are in the best place to do business and feel protected doing business with us. 

During the whole process, Eduard created a very good atmosphere to be in and an environment where we had a feeling that THE CUSTOMER IS HERE!

What You Will Get

Align your organization to create a Superior Experience for your Customers.

1-day On-Site CX session. 

To align each team on the whole company values and behaviors, so you consistently deliver the experience you want to create.  

On-Site Follow-up sessions

Designed by the needs of different teams to create the specific Customer experience each team is directly involved in. 

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