First Napoleon Hill Bootcamp in Romania

We are proud to announce that the first Napoleon Hill Bootcamp in Romania took place on June, 25th 2016 in Stana de Vale, Bihor County.

In cooperation with EduBiz, we had the opportunity to present the 17 Principles of Success of Napoleon Hill to 30 teenagers aged 16 and 17, in two sessions (morning and afternoon).

These teenagers were invited to a four-day event in Bihor county with full immersion with business professionals who provided guidance, coaching and vision for next years' University adventure. The students passed a selection criteria based on high-school performance, family income and exemplary behaviour.

For one day, they were introduced by Codruta and Eduard to the 17 Principles from the Science Of Success Course created by Napoleon Hill. At the end, they had the possibility of playing ACHIEVUS, the game designed for practicing and learning about these Principles while having fun.

It's the first time ever in Romania that the Science of Success Course is delivered in the country.

More information about Napoleon Hill at

The Napoleon Hill Foundation


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